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Directors Message:

"Shaping the young minds of rural India with value based education and guiding them towards brighter future aptly describes our commitment and mission.

Driven by the vision of Late Shri Kamla Prasad Singh, our college seeks to empower the rural youth with right knowledge, right aptitude and right outlook towards their life, the society and the nation at large.

We are starting the journey to transform the rural education landscape by providing a hollistic education where focus is on every single individual and development of their personality along with knowledge of the chosen field of study. The institution provides a suitable environment for this, through its high quality infrastructure, highly professional and experienced teachers, focus on extracurricular activities, sports, yoga and meditation.

The education provided at the Shri Kamla Prasad Singh Degree College will equip the students to be ready to take up highly demanded professions both in government and private sector. The students will find themselves to be having all the qualities demanded by the prospective employers in the present time. Also there are counselors available who will guide the students to choose the best career option available and at the same time listen to their problems whether personal or academic.

Thus with a thrust on right human values and ethical conduct we work towards instilling an attitude to excel in the students in whatever they do, so that they can pursue and realize their passion with excellence. We through our institute will create a distinguish place for the rural youth in our society and nation where they can contribute fruitfully and live a happy, enriching and satisfied life."

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